Wednesday, August 3, 2011

28. Cap Frehel and St. Cast – Le Guildo

Today turned out to be FANTASTIQUE!! We made ourselves a great picnic lunch to take with us and set off to our familiar Place DuClos to catch bus 13 to St. Cast and then a connecting bus 2 to Cap Frehel. We love busing through the small towns to get to our destinations (me more so than John as I don’t get to go through them on a bike!) 

You just cannot do these places justice in pictures. High cliffs, rocky coast below, sky-blue sea as far as you can see, LOTS of sailboats everywhere. The views from the Cap were breathtaking….and we had planned to continue on the walk to Fort LaLatte but it was going to be an hour out and an hour back and not very smooth walking. I decided that I could not handle that much and we accepted looking at it from afar.  We stayed out at Cap Frehel for an hour and a half taking far too many pictures but everytime we turned around the view was more spectacular. 

Our return to St. Cast-le Guildo was a stop we thought was just going to be filler to get home as we assumed we had seen the high point of our day adventure in the Cap….oh noooo,  St-Cast was extraordinary. It was so much fun to see a seaside resort for the regular French person.
I had been to so many places in the South of France such as Nice and St. Tropez,  that I thought they were how all the French resorts were. This one was just as nice a beach – beautiful weather – lovely scenery – lust-after mansions in the hills looking down on the beaches – but full of everyday people wearing flip flops and shorts, and not a soul looking like they were straight out of a French fashion magazine. 

We met a lovely college student working at a local place we ended up snacking at twice during the afternoon, in large part because of her hospitality and vivacious personality. We fully intend to have her come visit us in the States when she has an opportunity and if anyone reading this needs an aupair – she is wanting to take on a position.  The Grand Plage was full of people and we found that they have several areas full of children being supervised in fun activities while parents are off doing their own thing. Everyone was having a great time. 

We took a long walk out to Pointe de St-Cast and loved checking out the fine houses with lovely views overlooking either St-Cast beaches or the Port. The Port was very interesting with hundreds of boats and the mechanics of an extreme difference in tides was fun to figure out.   

The places we visited were really a delight, but it was also extremely gratifying for me to have so many opportunities to talk with people.  Without exception, if one begins a conversation with a polite “Bonjour” – there will be ample opportunity to get to know other people, practice French conversation,  and leave a good opinion of Americans with them, too.

We returned to Dinan and relaxed for a short while before returning to our favorite pizza place – La Tomate….and deciding we wanted to try “Tapas” as we had the fun experience on a prior trip in Spain…not going to claim we liked the tiny squid or the pickled tomatoes stuffed with olives and a couple of other dished totally unrecognized by us L but we put it all under  “learning experience” and enjoyed the pizza before returning to our home away from home.

John is off tomorrow on a last bike ride in the surrounding countryside and hopes to make it the beach of Cancale. I will begin organizing for our return to Paris on Saturday and flight home on Sunday. Thank you for following our journeys….we are having great times and love knowing that you are enjoying hearing about them!

PIC captions: US at Cap Frehel with lighthouses and cliffs in background.
                     More cliffs at Cap Frehel.
                     Lynn at children's daycare part of beach, Grande Plage, St-Cast.
                          Segolene & Lynn - new friends at St-Cast.
                           Lynn's dream house on bluff overlooking port.
                          Water marks on the tall posts: the TIDE swings THAT much.
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2011 Dinan and Paris French Adventure

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