Monday, July 18, 2011

15. Morbihan plans and Internet Repair

COLD today, and nothing planned. Slept late and waited for French Telecomm guys to come fix our internet connection. They actually came as scheduled! A really cool mini-chair-lift truck was needed to get up to our building's wire junction, then the guys stood on a kitchen chair balanced precariously over the staircase outside our VOILA now she works! We spent the rest of the day goofing off basically, and planning a side trip starting tomorrow to the Morbihan area of Brittany, on the lower coast. Set up a rental car to pick up here in Dinan (we upgraded to a Renault Clio, from the Renault Twingo), and will meet some new friends in Sarzeau, then see what other stuff we can find along the coast up to Brest and then along the Channel back to Dinan. Should take about 5 days, we'll see how it goes! No good pics today, just the repair truck, will post that later!
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2011 Dinan and Paris French Adventure

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