Sunday, July 24, 2011

20. Pointes and Plourhan Car Show!

After getting almost no sleep at our super hotel at Paimpol Saturday night (apparently they allow drunks at the waterfront under our window to scream and explode fireworks all night til 5:30 a.m.!), we woke to rain and no bike ride. Bummer! So, we ate our usual continental breakfast at the hotel, and headed out to see some "Pointes" in the car. These are points of land that stick out into the Channel, usually with beautiful views of islands and the mainland all from the same place. We found the first Pointe L'Arcouest to be totally picturesque, so took photos and moved on. Next victim: Pointe de Guilben. We found it after some dirt road driving, high above the water in a park. Wonderful, so we took pics and moved on. We missed finding the next pointe AND the old Abbey decided we'd had enough water and scenery and drove on to Plourhan!

Plourhan was a mystery destination, suggested by a new friend on teh Factory Five forum. It was hosting an old car show today, and that's about all we knew. On arrival, we found a total local folk happening! They had folk dancers and folk bands warming up under the trees to perform at the show, while waiting for the old cars to arrive. The old cars were actually taking part in a 45 km tour along local country roads, so these were no trailer queens we'd be seeing. There was a horse demonstration area, petting zoo, tractor and farm implement show area, and a small swap meet. While we waited for the cars to arrive, we bought a small model Citroen 2CV which has become Lynn's favorite French car. We also eventually got a souvenier for me: a car show plaque like the participants mounted to their cars. (Lynn had to speak French with the friendly  show promoter, and hand over 8 Euro to get that accomplished!). The cars eventually came before the rain got very bad, and it was really worth the wait. They included every kind of Renault, Peugot, Citroen, Simca (including the Aronde)  from the late 1940's through 1980's, and lots of specialty cars like Westfield, Alpine, TVR, Morgan, and a smattering of American muscle like early Mustang and 1960'2 era lots more.

Then, the TRACTORS started rolling in, very slowly as you can imagine. Lots of unique working machinery, and motorcycles too! We walked the display parking areas, then left as the rain got more agressive.

Final destination was "home" at our apartment in Dinan. Everything was still the same, so we unloaded, I turned in the rental car, walked back to the apartment, and we just snoozed awhile. Felt good to finally be rid of the car and responsibilities it entailed. Now we're back to foot, bus and bike transport for 2 more weeks. Great! Bike ride tomorrow if weather holds up. Supper tomight at our favorite pizza place "La Tomate", and talked a bit with the guy working there. I got my pizza with LARD on it...that's the French word for "BACON"! Tomorrow regular life: boulangerie, bucherie, fruit market, laundry, and read some more books. Plan some more mischief, but probably lay low a couple of days.

PIC captions: Lynn with favorite car at Paimpol  outside hotel.
                      Pointe de Guilben-John.
                      Pointe de L'Arcouest-Lynn.
                      Westfield 7 in proper Lotus racing colors, just like my old Cobra!
                      Old cars come in past Plourhan Town Hall (Mairie).                

CLICK here for all photos and vids:
2011 Dinan and Paris French Adventure

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